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Instance 1: Medical Terminology

The time period “Salping-Oophorectomy” refers to

a. The removing of the fallopian tubes and ovaries

b. The surgical sampling or removing of a fertilized egg

c. Reducing into the fallopian tubes and ovaries for surgical functions

d. Reducing right into a fertilized egg for surgical functions


Reply: A

The time period “salp” means tube, the time period “ooph” refers back to the ovary, and the suffix “ectomy” means to surgically take away. Some CPT books (just like the skilled version put out by the AMA) incorporates pages with frequent medical phrases like these to start with of the ebook (previous to the coding tips)

Instance 2: ICD-10-CM

Jim was at a bonfire when he tripped and fell into the flames. Jim sustained a number of burns. He got here to the emergency room by way of an ambulance and was handled for second and third diploma burns of his face, second diploma burn on his shoulders and forearms, and third diploma burns on the fronts of his thighs.

a. T20.20XA, T20.30XA, T22.259A, T22.219A, T24.319A, T31.42, X03.0XXA

b. T20.30XA, T24.319A, T22.299A, T31.42, X03.0XXA

c. T20.09XA, T22.099A, T24.099A, T31.64, X03.0XXA

d. T20.30XA, T22.299A, T24.319A, T31.64, X03.0XXA


Reply: B

Burn codes at all times have not less than three codes: A burn code, a complete physique floor space code, or T31 class code, and an exterior trigger code. Burn codes have the next guidelines, which might be discovered at first of the ICD-10-CM handbook underneath Guideline I.C.19.d Coding of burns and corrosions. At all times code one location to the very best diploma. For instance, for first and second diploma burns on the arm, you’d solely code second diploma. When sequencing burn codes, at all times listing the very best diploma burn code first and finish with the bottom diploma burn code. For instance, concerning first diploma burns to the face and third diploma burns to the arm, you’d listing the arm burn first after which the face burn. For query 33, reply B is appropriate as a result of its codes describe the very best diploma burn to every location and the burn codes are additionally organized the within the appropriate order of highest to lowest diploma of burn. To search out the codes for the precise burns, we begin with the areas with the third diploma burns, on this case the face and thigh burns. Lookup Burn/ face, and you can find Burn/ head. Burn, head, third diploma is T20.30-. Seek for Burn, thigh, third diploma and you can find T24.319-9-. The second diploma burns are for the higher and forearms. Within the index, Burn, arm factors to Burn, higher, limb. Wanting up Burn, higher limb, a number of websites to code for each the higher arm and forearm, you can find that second diploma is T22.299-. All of those want seven characters, with the seventh character being A, for preliminary encounter. The T31.42 (TBSA code) has the proper calculation when utilizing the rule of 9 (fourth digit burned to any diploma; 9 x 5 = 45; 5 areas burned are head, arm1, arm2, leg1, leg 2; fifth digit describes solely third diploma burns that are head (9), leg1 (9), and leg2 (9). 9×3=27). To search out the code utilizing the index, search for Burn, extent 40-49 p.c with 20-29 p.c third diploma burns which factors to T31.42. The exterior trigger code appropriately describes the bonfire incident. Within the Exterior Causes Index, search for Publicity, fireplace, not in constructing or construction which designates code X03.0. This additionally requires a seventh character of A, making the code X03.0XXA. Confirm all codes within the Tabular.

Instance 3: Anesthesia

When does anesthesia time start?

a. After the induction of anesthesia is full

b. In the course of the pre-operative examination previous to coming into the OR

c. When the anesthesiologist begins making ready the affected person for the induction of anesthesia

d. As soon as the supervising doctor indicators over the affected person’s care to the anesthesiologist


Reply: C

The reply to this query might be situated within the anesthesia coding tips underneath the title “Time Reporting”