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Are You In search of a Confirmed System for Stopping ACL Tears that can Hold Your Athletes Wholesome and Acting at Full Pace All Season Lengthy?

This Step-By-Step, Simple-To-Observe System Has Helped Hundreds Of Athletes Stop Main Knee Accidents. It Has Been Examined Over Ten Years And Developed Into A Confirmed Systematic Teaching Method, And Now You Can Use it with Your Athletes to Hold Them Damage-Free Too!

Expensive Fellow Coaches and Trainers:

Jerry Shreck

ACL Tear Prevention Program Creator

Hello, I’m Jerry Shreck and I’ve teamed up with Jedd Johnson to share with you a system I’ve used for the final 10 years that has developed into essentially the most profitable ACL tear prevention program out there right now.

Let me briefly clarify how this program got here into existence…

In 1996, I used to be working for a highschool as their first Athletic Coach and Power Coach.

After I arrived on board, this system was a multitude; the primary yr alone I noticed 6 torn ACLs.

I advised the college administration that if we may commit all of the groups to take up lifting weights that accidents would go down.

They did certainly go down the following yr, however Four athletes nonetheless had ACL tears.

This was unacceptable to me so I talked to everybody I may within the subject of energy and conditioning and damage prevention for athletes.


researched every part I may get my palms on, studying about correct warm-ups, leaping drills, and posterior chain coaching.

I utilized every part I discovered with my athletes and knee accidents went down once more, however to my frustration, we nonetheless had Three ACL tears that yr.

I left that prime college for a chance to work at a Division I College as an Athletic Coach. Though the athletes had been way more developed and expert, I nonetheless noticed what I believed was method too many ACL accidents.

So I stored researching and going to each clinic I may afford. By the second yr there I used to be working with groups within the mornings within the weight room as their energy coach (they’d no precise energy coach).

On the finish of my third yr, the College constructed a brand new coaching facility and I used to be formally employed as their first Head Power Coach. I knew with my data of the physique and speaking with nearly each energy coach, athletic coach, and bodily therapist on the east coast that there needed to be a approach to decrease the chances of sports activities associated accidents, like ACL tears.

Damage prevention grew to become my high precedence within the weight room!

What I discovered was that weight coaching was not sufficient. I found that the simplest drills concerned utterly re-training

deceleration methods with a view to preserve the knee secure and damage free.

Coaching athletes how you can correctly decelerate their our bodies led me to creating a confirmed system for Acle Tear Prevention.

That is properefficient discount of ACL Tears depends upon your skill to Decelerate your physique, and that’s what we are going to present you in our program, Deceleration Coaching to Stop ACL Tears.

Today, ACL Tears are non-existent with the athletes who undergo my program. The truth is, within the uncommon case that an athlete in my college experiences an ACL tear, it’s nearly at all times a freshman who has not gone by way of this system but.

The underside line is that this: This Program Works for Me and My Athletes, and it Will Work for Yours as Nicely..

What’s the ACL?

ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The ACL connects the Femur (higher leg bon) to the Tibia (bigger decrease leg bone), and it is objective is to offer stability to the knee by not permitting the decrease leg to journey too far ahead.

What Causes the ACL to Tear?

There are

two important sorts of ACL tears:

    1. Contact ACL Tears: These outcome by being hit by some kind of exterior pressure.

    As an illustration, if a soccer participant will get taken out by a defender and his/her leg is bent violently, it could actually tear the ACL.

    Or if a Soccer Lineman will get right into a pile and somebody rolls onto his leg, it could actually trigger an ACL tear.

    Contact ACL Tears are onerous to foretell and even more durable to stop.

    2. Non-Contact ACL Tears: These outcome from the athlete’s lack of ability to regulate his or her physique.

    Usually, in sports activities like Soccer, Soccer, Rugby, Discipline Hockey, Basketball, and lots of others, there’s quite a lot of modifications of path, reducing, angling, and touchdown on the bottom after leaping.

    In most of these eventualities, if an athlete is unable to correctly management their physique, a Non-Contact ACL Tear can happen.

    Non-Contact ACL Tears are way more preventable

    IF you put together the best method.

Our program, Deceleration Coaching to Stop ACL Tears is designed to coach athletes to make use of their decrease physique accurately.

This brings about two extraordinarily essential coaching outcomes.

By decelerating the best method, can keep damage free whereas stopping, touchdown, and decelerating.

Additionally, with our program, athletes will enhance their talents to provide maximal energy for leaping, sprinting, reducing away from defenders, and different athletic actions.

So, what’s the proper approach to decelerate the physique?

The right approach to decelerate the physique is with the glutes – the highly effective muscle groups in your posterior chain.

Sadly, many athletes don’t use their glutes properly when slowing their our bodies down and altering instructions, leading to poor management of their our bodies when in movement.

This lack of physique management is caused by three important elements.

Discover out extra under…

The Three Greatest Issues

That Result in ACL Tears

Drawback #1: Quad Dominance

In recent times, I’m seeing an increasing number of pupil athletes coming into my College who’re Quad Dominant.

Quad Dominance signifies that the athlete makes use of his/her Quadriceps muscle groups as the first muscle group to decelerate their physique.

The issue right here is that when the Quadriceps muscle groups decelerate the physique, it places much more stress on the ACL to do its job.

Quad Dominant athletes’ knees will usually observe ahead throughout the deceleration course of, creating extra stress within the knee, particularly on the ACL.

Mix the ahead translation of the knee in a Quad Dominant scenario with the must additionally change instructions or veer off at an angle and you’ve got an excellent riskier scenario for the ACL.

Drawback #2: Over-Specialization at a Younger Age

Today, it’s way more frequent for younger athletes to specialize for a given sport.

Whereas just a few years in the past, athletes would play a number of sports activities all year long, now it’s not unusual to listen to of athletes who play only one sport.

So as to add to this case, in addition they play this one sport all yr lengthy. As an illustration, youth soccer gamers may be seen taking part in in soccer leagues throughout the Fall, after which taking part in Indoor Soccer throughout the Winter.

Many will play in one other league as soon as the climate warms up throughout the Spring time, after which be part of a touring staff throughout their Summer time breaks.

All of this specialization can result in discount within the tensile energy of the smooth tissues, and meaning there’s an elevated threat for athletes to finish up with a devastating knee damage like an ACL tear.

Drawback #3: Tight Hip Flexors & Weak Gluteal Muscle tissues

The habits of our youth athletes have modified over current years.

As a substitute of spending a lot of their free time taking part in again yard video games like kickball and tag, and having adventures by climbing timber and constructing forts, many youngsters spend an inordinate period of time seated.

Certain, they play sports activities after college – and so they play onerous too!

However in addition they spend all day in lessons sitting.

They’re sitting down whereas touring residence from college within the automobile or on the bus.

And, maybe the largest change of all is that nowadays youth spend quite a lot of time both watching TV, utilizing a pc, or simply sitting round texting their pals.

Whereas you and I may need performed for a number of hours as soon as we obtained residence or helped our dad and mom with the chores round the home, a lot of our younger athletes are passing the time away sitting down.

Being within the seated place for a lot time all through the day has been discovered to shorten and tighten the hip flexor muscle groups, which in flip, units our athletes up for weak gluteal muscle groups.

Briefly, many younger athletes have no idea how you can use the muscle groups of their butts!

When you’ve got weak glutes, it signifies that

with a view to decelerate your physique when touchdown after a leap or altering instructions on the court docket, the Quadriceps muscle groups shall be left to do the vast majority of the work.

And we already established that decelerating the physique with the Quads is dangerous.

So, the query is:

What are we going to do about it???

That is the place our program, Deceleration Coaching to Stop ACL Tears is available in!

Deceleration Coaching is a step-by-step strategy to correcting the foremost issues that contribute to torn ACL’s: Over-Dominant Quadriceps Muscle tissues and Weak Glutes.

This system begins by first figuring out the weaknesses and motion points the athlete may need and instantly addressing and correcting them.

Then as this system progresses, we construct upon these corrections and assist the athletes grow to be even higher at decelerating their our bodies with their glutes.

Quickly, this progress helps the athlete develop safer, stronger knees whereas additionally turning into extra highly effective on the sector or court docket.

Learn under for extra particulars on how we make this occur…

Right here is Our Step-by-Step

ACL Tear Prevention Program

Part 1 – Field Deceleration Work:

On this part, you’ll learn to use a plyometric field as step one for educating an athlete which muscle groups to emphasise for deceleration.

This is essential as a result of it’s right here the place you possibly can start to see how the athlete naturally stops their physique and you’ll instantly start correcting dangerous habits and creating correct neuromuscular firing patterns.

Skipping this stage will gradual the method down and make progress harder when you get into the extra demanding drills later in this system. We suggest all athletes begin right here, no matter expertise, with a view to set up a baseline in addition to to start creating an understanding of the terminology and the strategy that the coach shall be utilizing when rolling out the remainder of this system.

Part 2 – Deceleration Cease Positions & 5×5 Drills:

Now, you’ll uncover the three important stopping positions that your athletes should grasp for correct deceleration of the physique.

It is a important a part of this system as a result of most non-contact ACL tears happen when an athlete is beginning to decelerate after which change path. The 5×5 drills will assist develop higher approach for stopping tears.

You DO NOT wish to skip this a part of this system as a result of in case your athletes are “quad-dominant” (and lots of are) that is your finest alternative to establish it, appropriate it, and scale back their threat for ACL tears.

Part 3 – 5×5 Drills with Defensive and Offensive Take-offs:

On this stage, you’ll perceive precisely how you can prepare correct change of path expertise after the proper deceleration methods have been discovered.

It is a key improvement ability to your athletes in order that they know how you can correctly place themselves for modifications in path.

Ensure to emphasise appropriate approach right here as a result of in later components of this system, you’ll carry out the identical take-offs however with way more pace.

Part 4 – Energy Runs with Ahead Accelerations:

Now that deceleration has been emphasised for a number of weeks, it’s time to enhance re-acceleration with Energy Runs.

This step within the course of is essential as a result of not solely will the athletes be much less apt to injure themselves, however they may even learn to re-accelerate extra effectively.

In a recreation of inches the place each second counts, we should have the ability to cease and go once more as shortly and effectively as potential. This section will develop this ability very properly.

Part 5 – Energy Runs with Defensive & Offensive Take-offs:

At this level in this system, we are going to take Energy Runs to a different stage and ramp up the pace and directional calls for of the sports activities your athletes compete in.

It is a time to start difficult your athletes as a result of they need to have the ability to place themselves correctly whereas additionally having the ability to suppose, react, and reply to exterior stimulae, which you’ll present.

By now, your athletes have developed superior deceleration expertise and are capable of change instructions significantly better than in earlier weeks, and this can present within the efficiency in opposition to the opposition when it counts essentially the most.

Part 6 – Course Energy Runs (Drills) & Beginning Dash Out Positions (Variations):

On this part, you’ll be taught precisely how one can enhance the problem stage of the drills even additional by modifying the beginning positions and the way your gamers transfer down the sector or court docket.

It is possible for you to to repeatedly modify these drills to make them as particular to the game as potential, with out utilizing a ball, stick, or pads. That is the place this program will get enjoyable for the athletes.

On high of that, your athletes will really have the ability to notice their athletic potential whereas primarily bullet-proofing their knees, which means much less fear of damage and higher focus on dominating their sport.

You will note from the start that our program relies on Progressions, the place we begin out with easy drills and work as much as extra superior coaching strategies. This ensures that every one athletes, it doesn’t matter what their improvement stage, get the foundational instruction they want with a view to finest profit from this system.

Right here is extra of what you will see in our ACL Tear Prevention Program:

  • Simple Step-by-Step Teaching Directions

  • Jerry and I attempt to offer info that anybody can perceive and put into motion, from the most recent of trainers to essentially the most skilled of therapists and practitioners. Whereas we perceive superior terminology, we can’t attempt to dazzle you with mumbo jumbo. All the pieces is specified by a straight-forward method. Even athletes who’re coaching themselves will know precisely what they should do with a view to achieve success utilizing our program.

  • Adaptable Drills for all Ranges of Expertise and Growth

  • This program will work for athletes in any respect ranges of competitors. I’ve applied this with athletes in Junior Excessive, Excessive College, School, and even Skilled Soccer Gamers. This system may be very versatile and may be molded to suit athletes who progress slowly or ones who make leaps and bounds in a single day.

  • No Main Weight Room Gear is Wanted

  • You’ll not must take an enormous chunk out of your price range with a view to put our program into motion. The truth is 95% of this coaching is completed on courts or fields. Any flat floor will do, so you possibly can prepare your purchasers and athletes successfully.

  • No Big Dedication of Time

  • You do not have to fret about re-writing your complete coaching program together with your athletes with a view to implement our ACL Tear Prevention Program. Among the drills in our program may be simply paired with lifts within the gymnasium in a “super-set” format. Others may be executed as a part of your basic warm-up, or as a section of your conditioning routines. Your athletes will suppose they’re doing the identical previous drills, when in truth they’re bullet-proofing their knees!

  • Easy-to-Observe Coaching Phases

  • You will note immediately that every section will construct upon what your athletes have developed within the earlier phases. This enables you as a coach to see which athletes want extra time at sure phases, and that are prepared to maneuver on to extra demanding drills.

We hope you might be prepared to start out implementing our program and to start seeing an enormous distinction in your athletes’ talents, whereas additionally dramatically lowering their threat for season- and career-shortening knee accidents.

All the most effective in your coaching!

Jerry Shreck & Jedd Johnson

Frequent Questions In regards to the Decelertion Coaching Program:

Q: I’m a brand new Power Coach – will I perceive every part you inform me?

A: I imagine you should have no points understanding every part on this teaching/coaching guide. We actually tried to place this collectively utilizing no massive physiological phrases. The very last thing we wish you to do is must go look one thing as much as perceive it. If by likelihood you come throughout one thing that you’re not totally clear on-you could have full entry to contact Jedd or I to reply any query you might have.

Q: I’ve restricted room, will I nonetheless have the ability to do that?

A: Sure, you actually gained’t want tons of area or tools. If you will be coaching a big staff you will have to accommodate for the scale of the staff. However essentially the most area you will have is 30-40 yards. I take advantage of empty basketball courts or soccer/soccer fields, however any flat space with an honest flooring/floor would work. I’d keep away from coaching on pavement.

Q: I work with high stage school athletes. Is that this one thing they’ll use or are they too superior and “past” this?

A: Belief me they won’t be too superior or past this systematic coaching system. They only most likely gained’t must spend as a lot time studying every coaching section.

Q: I’m only a private coach understanding of the trunk of my automobile, will this work for me?

A: Sure, simply discover some flat open area at a park or subject and you might be all set.

Q: I work primarily with youngsters below 12. Is that this one thing I can use?

A: Relying on the extent of athleticism and maturity-yes. I’ve used these coaching rules with a youth below 10 soccer staff however these had been all good gamers for his or her age. Younger athletes would profit with this however with my previous experiences, solely in small doses. Consideration ranges at youthful ages don’t final to lengthy.

Q: Jerry, what if a number of the athletes do not catch on as shortly?

A: All athletes be taught at totally different paces. It’s properly documented on this system to not advance to the following section till the present one is mastered. It’s also OK to return to a earlier section additionally should you mistakenly superior just a little to shortly.

Q: How a lot tools is required to run this program?

A: In case you are artistic you then actually don’t want any tools. A plyo-box and perhaps some small cones (3) is all you want, however you might use a secure park bench and water bottles as alternate options.

Q: I suck at taking notes. Will I have the ability to bear in mind every part on the DVD?

A: The DVD may be very straightforward to comply with however we knew some folks would additionally desire a guide to take to the sector or courts, so we developed each.

Q: I work with older purchasers who identical to again yard pastimes. Will this work for them?

A: This program was developed for athletes. In case your older shopper performs in an grownup league sport with cease and go, change of path kind of actions; then sure it will work for them. If they’re taking part in horse footwear, then this actually wouldn’t be for them.

Jerry Shreck

Jerry has been within the energy subject for the previous 16 years and a Division I Head Power Coach for the
previous 12 years. He has a number of certifications and is a licensed Athletic Coach. He presents at quite a few
clinics, has a month-to-month health section for a neighborhood TV station, and is sought out by different professionals for
his damage prevention methods.

Jedd Johnson

Jedd is licensed by way of the Nationwide Power and Conditioning Affiliation (NSCA) as a Licensed Power and Conditioning Specialist or CSCS. I’ve been an energetic member
since 2001 and have spoken at many NSCA clinics in Pennsylvania on athletic energy improvement. I’m excited to launch this product as a result of I really feel will probably be very useful for athletes in direction of stopping severe accidents.